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James Colliander will teach a largely student-driven reading course during Summer 2010. Topics will include analysis, PDE, physics, .... The course is open to other participants. Please send an email to colliand@math.toronto.edu if you want to participate. One goal of the course is to provide some basic background information so that undergraduate students can follow some of the discussion in a related research seminar. The course will meet on Wednessday mornings 10:30-12:00 in BA6183 and the research seminar will take place on Wednesday afternoons 13:00-14:00 also in BA6183. The first meeting took place on Thursday, May 6, in BA6183.

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  1. Asad, Reza
  2. Bai, Yun Tao
  3. Byun, Jiwook (Simon)
  4. Helou, Reem
  5. Jain, Newton
  6. Ji, Jia
  7. Kluyeva, Ekaterina
  8. Li, Alexander
  9. McTaggart, Raymond
  10. Milroy, Hollis
  11. Pang, Peter
  12. Poon, Adrian
  13. Rahman, Mustazee
  14. Reiss, David
  15. Smirnov, Ilia
  16. Sourisseau, Matt
  17. Wu, Shi Pei(Sanford)
  18. Xuzhou, Zhang(leo)

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  1. Anapolitanos, Ioannis
  2. Bell, Jordan
  3. Chambers, Gregory
  4. Collett, John
  5. Corkey, Steven
  6. Foltin, Peter
  7. Liu, Xiao
  8. Pigott, Brian
  9. Richards, Geordie
  10. Zwiers, Ian
  11. Rideout, Matt
  12. Huang, Arthur


  1. Czubak, Magda
  2. Oh, Tadahiro
  3. Selvitella, Alessandro
  4. Simpson, Gideon

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