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This page contains information about the Analysis and applied Math Seminar at the University of Toronto. The seminar meets regularly on Fridays, 1:10-2pm, 6183 Bahen Center.

If you will be speaking, details on how to use the equipment in BA 6183 can be found here: BA6183_Video_Instructions.

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Analysis Applied Math Seminar
Ihsan Topaloglu [1] (McGill University) Friday 2013-January-25 13:10-14:00 BA6183
Title: Axisymmetric critical points on the sphere of a nonlocal isoperimetric problem
Abstract: The nonlocal isoperimetric problem in consideration here involves the minimization of the sharp interface limit of a nonlocal perturbation of the Cahn-Hilliard energy along with a constraint. Besides its connection to diblock copolymer models this problem also attracts interest as a simple model of energy-driven pattern formation. In this talk we will consider the problem on the two dimensional sphere, and concentrating on the rigidity of the criticality condition we will analyze critical points under an axisymmetry ansatz.
[arXiv] 2013_01_25_Topaloglu_Notes
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