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This page contains information about the Mathematics Colloquium at the University of Toronto. The colloquium meets regularly on Wednesdays, 4:10-5pm, 6183 Bahen Centre. Refreshments are served before the colloquium in the Math Lounge at 3:30pm. If you will be speaking, details on how to use the equipment in BA 6183 can be found here.

Colloquium announcements are made here: Colloquium announcements


Fall Term

September 5, Fefferman, 16:10-17:00 in BA6183

Charles Fefferman (Princeton University) 2012-2013 Colloquium Wednesday September 5 16:10-17:00 BA6183
Title: The Kollár Problem
Abstract: The Koll\'ar problem concerns a system of linear equations AF=g where the matrix of entries of

A, the right-hand side g=(g_1,....,g_I) and the unknowns F=(F_1,...,F_D) are functions of x \in \R^n. In the original version of the problem the matrix entries and the g_i are polynomials, and we ask how to decide whether a continuous solution exists.

Spring Term

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Colloquium Reservations

  • If you wish to reserve a date, email Robert Young (ryoung@math.toronto.edu).
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