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Information related to the graduate program.

The Graduate Administrator makes announcements using the Graduate Blog.

The Graduate Blog also provides RSS feed links and space for graduate students to make comments on the entries. These aspects are highlighted in the linked pdf: Media:GraduateBlogRSS.pdf


Useful links

Grad Qualifying exams

(From [[1]] Colliand 03:35, 3 January 2010 (UTC) ) To see the level expected of graduate students, or as a source of problems

See also:

LaTeX Resources for writing a thesis at UofT

The latest version of ut-thesis.cls. Part of TeXLive2009 and further. Can be used as long as Graduate School does not change requirements. One can use it with updated LaTeX packages. Victor 17:02, 10 January 2011 (EST)

  • Strongly recommended

As SGS does not specify fontsize, I suggest to use 12pts. Also as thesis are distributed electronically, load hyperref to add bookmarks, clickable TOC and index, clickable inner \ref ->\label and \cite -> \bibitem and external links (using \href{URL}{linkname}


\usepackage{microtype} %% provides better handling of rubberspaces and better protrusion
\usepackage[leqno]{mathtools} % loads amsmath and fixes some errors and provides some extra commands
\usepackage{amsthm} % or \usepackage[amsthm,thmmarks,hyperref]{ntheorem} for a better control, but there is a bug I fixed in the coveter installation of theorem

%%% Other packages especially graphicx as needed

\usepackage{hyperref} %% in modern distribution no switches are usually needed. 
%% For older versions \usepackage[pdftex,bookmarks,pdfnewwindow,plainpages=false,unicode,pdfencoding=auto]{hyperref}
\usepackage{hypernat} %required if hyperref is used as well
  • Create Master.tex with all the headers and Chapter1.tex, Chapter2.tex, .... without them. If you are working on Chapter1 only in Master.tex put
%% In preamble

%% In Body

\include[Chapter1.tex, Chapter2.tex,Chapter3.tex, Chapter4.tex]


Then \ref to other Chapters will be filled properly

Job Search Advice

Mathematics Jobs Wiki

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