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Harmonic analysis group for summer 2010

During our Friday, April 30, meeting we made a list of some topics that we might like to cover this summer. The plan is for people to read up on them in detail and then present them. Ideally each person will present once a month.

representation theory, Dirac operators, geometric heat operators, pseudo-differential operators and the Nash-Moser theorem, compressed sensing/signal processing/information theory, wavelets and image processing, uncertainty principle on Lie groups, zeta-functions and the Ramanujan conjecture, various trace formulas, harmonic analysis on finite groups.

We will be meeting twice a week in BA6180, Monday and Wednesday from 11am-12pm.

On our meetings on May 5 and 10 (Wednesday "high energy", Monday "low energy"), Dominic has given a broad overview of harmonic analysis, including an especially interesting explanation of Ptolemaic astronomy, and also the Hodge decomposition.

On Wednesday, May 12, Daniel Rowe will speak about representation theory or harmonic analysis on finite abelian groups.

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