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$$\def\pLaTeX{\rm\color{red} {L\kern-.325em\raise.21em{\scriptstyle{A}}\kern-.17em\TeX}\ \color{blue} {L\kern-.325em\raise.21em{\scriptstyle{A}}\kern-.17em\TeX}}$$

$\pLaTeX$ $\pLaTeX$ $\pLaTeX$ $\pLaTeX$ $\pLaTeX$ $\pLaTeX$ $\pLaTeX$ $\pLaTeX$ $\pLaTeX$ $\pLaTeX$

This page was written long ago when jsMath was the only Javascript LaTeX parser. Now it is MathJax, which reached version 2.1 and the page needs to be rewritten which I will do when I have a spare time (not too soon)

Victor 10:35, 24 October 2012 (EDT)


How to use LaTeX?

There are few ways to use LaTeX on web pages but the best and default is to use [1]. MathJax which is JavaScript TeX/LaTeX parser. MathJax is a successor of jsMath which remAins the best next thing.

No worry if you do not know How to do it.

  • First, let us check if your preferences are set to jsMath: click on my preferences in the top-right corner of the page, then click on tab Math and look if radio button jsMath is selected. If not, select it and Save.
  • To create inline math you can use SingleDollars: for example use \$e^x \$ to display $e^x$.
  • To create display math you can use DoubleDollars

\$\$ (2\pi h)^{-d}\iint_{\{H(x,\xi) <\tau\}} dx d\xi \$\$ to create $$ (2\pi h)^{-d}\iint_{\{H(x,\xi) <\tau\}} dx d\xi$$

  • AMSMath and AMSSymbols are supported (so you can use \mathcal{A}, \mathscr{A}, \mathbf{Z}, \mathbb{R}, \mathfrak{A} and \matsf{A} (in SingleDollars or DoubleDollars) to produce $\mathcal{A}$, $\mathscr{A}$, $\mathbf{Z}$, $\mathbb{R}$, $\mathfrak{A}$ and $\mathsf{A}$ respectively.

One can add support for extra packages but it slows down the parsing)

MathJax is here

This move does not require to change your documents. MathJax wiki

  • MathJax is more powerful tool. Example

  • One of the newest and prominent features is Menu: control-Click on Mac or right-button-click on Unix on MathJax Mathematics output to see it in action.
  • Current released MathJax version is 2.1 as of September 23, 2012.

What jsMath & MathJax are good for?

  • One can use MathJax and jsMath with
    • CMS :
      • We use it with CMS SilverStripe lading though templates of certain pages
    • Blog
      • We use it with WordPress including Wordpress-µ (multiuser) and WordPress 3 multisite WP-hooks plug-in
      • One could use it via (current) theme (skin) hacking
    • Wiki
      • We use it with mediawiki via (hacked) extension jsMath
      • One could use it via (current) theme (skin) hacking
    • Forum
      • I use it with SimpleMachines SMF2 forum via hacking Sources/Subs.php; see Forum
  • Use show preview rather than Save page before you are completely happy. Victor 00:13, 5 January 2010 (UTC)


Great Demo


XyJax now is an extension to MathJax 2.0 using Xy-pic syntax to draw CD. Works with MathJax 2.1.Installation is easy.

Test Sample


MathJax and jsMath are not $\LaTeX$ in its full glory and there is no way to load packages (or documentclasses), there is no automatic numbering (yet - in MJ, there is in jsMath), no \section, \intertext or \inculdegraphics, {table} or {figure}, no page layout etc.

Current version

MathJax 2.4

Third party extensions

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