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At this moment the best way to render math on web. Currently not final release and when it becomes officially released our Dept will switch to it from jsMath (Our Dept uses jsMath, I use MathJax (the same author) as newer, stronger, better).

  1. To get mathjax the best way is to use SVN
svn co mathjax

as it is often updated. Running in the same directory next time updates it.


I recommend Wordpress

If you want to run few blogs from the same installation get Wordpress-µ (multiuser


  1. Akismet (coming with) to fight spam comments
  2. WP hooks [1] to hook MathJax (put in WP-hooks header
<script type="text/javascript''' src="http:// ..... Mathjax.js"></script>
  1. I use also Google Syntax Highlighter for WordPress
  2. User Photo,
  3. WP Google buzz [2]

My private blog:


I recommend SimpleMachines v 2 currently RC2) I hacked for MathJax (or jsMath), no plugins

But hack Sources/Subs.php==


        <script type="text/javascript"><!-- // --><![CDATA[
                var smf_scripturl = "' . $scripturl . '";
        // ]]></script>';


echo "<script type='text/javascript' src='http://........../........../MathJax.js'></script>";

where you should replace ......./...... by correct http-path

Also in RC3 Victor 13:24, 18 March 2010 (UTC)


Get it from [http:// http://]

Extensions I use

  • Check User,
  • Sort,
  • Sort2,
  • geshi,
  • jsMath (hacked for MathJax),
  • PDF Handler,
  • Stub Manager

(all links here) and

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