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Numerical PDE and Evolution Equations Working Group Web Site

Group Activities :

Our research group in analytical and numerical analysis of evolution equations, modeling and computations focus on a broad range of nonlinear partial and ordinary differential equations that arise in physical and engineering applications. The analysis of these equations lies on the current frontier of mathematical and computational research, and it also plays an important role in the numerous areas of physics, engineering, and in the high technology sector.

Group members:

Mary Pugh (associate professor University of Toronto), Almut Burchard (professor University of Toronto), Catherine Sulem (professor University of Toronto),
Gideon Simpson
(postdoc University of Toronto), Benjamin Stephens (postdoc University of Washington), Marina Chugunova (postdoc University of Toronto).


Roman Taranets (professor Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics NAS of Ukraine), Eugene Benilov, (professor University of Limerick),
Pyatkov Sergey
(professor Sobolev Institute of Mathematics), Pelinovsky Dmitry (associate professor McMaster University)

Meeting dates and talks:
(Location: 10th floor Huron 215; Time: 5pm - 6pm on Wednesdays)


October 13, 2010, Gideon Simpson

"Coherent Structures in the Nonlinear Maxwell Equations."

October 6, 2010, (5-6pm) Dan Ginsberg

"Uniform positivity result for weak steady states in coating flows."

September 29, 2010, (5-6pm) Marina Chugunova

"Thin film equations: uniqueness and non-uniqueness results."

September 22, 2010, (5-6pm) Almut Burchard

"Global behavior of strong solutions in a coating flow model."

(TBA) Mark Fortier

"Almost Sure Convergence of Rearrangements"

May 25, 2010, Lev Sakhnovich

"Extremal Non-negative Trigonometrical and Power Polynomials of Several Variables."

April 7, 2010, Robert McCann

"Introduction to steepest descent in the Wasserstein metric."

March 24, 2010, Al Stauffer (York University)

"Solving the Schroedinger Equation for scattering states: Dealing efficiently and accurately with large radial values."

March 17, 2010, Marina Chugunova

"On spectral parameter dependent boundary conditions."

March 10, 2010, Ian Zwiers

"Computing Negative Eigenvalues for a Schrodinger Operator with Non-Diagonal Potential. Both how and why."

March 3, 2010, Anton Sakovich (McMaster University)

"Global well-posedness of the short-pulse and sine-Gordon equations in energy space."

February 3, 2010, Damir Kinzebulatov

"Sobolev-type inequalities on singular sets."

January 27, 2010, Gideon Simpson

"A Quantum Correction to the Zakharov Equations."

January 20, 2010, Almut Burchard

"On the rate of convergence to a steady state on the boundary for some thin film equation."

December 16, 2009, Chugunova Marina

"Numerical computations and stability of solitons for some thin-film equation."

December 9, 2009, Joel Phillips

"Quadrature rules for high-order finite element method."

December 2, 2009, Xiao Liu

"Numerical simulation of resonant tunneling for nonlinear cubic Schrodinger equation."

November 18, 2009, William Bordeaux Montrieux

"Random perturbations of spectrum of non-selfadjoint differential operators."

November 4, 2009, Chugunova Marina

"Stampacchia’s iteration lemma and speed of propagation of the interface for the thin film equations II."

October 28, 2009, Working meeting

"Short 15 min. presentations of recent results"

October 14, 2009, Chugunova Marina

"Stampacchia’s iteration lemma and speed of propagation of the interface for the thin film equations I."

October 7, 2009, Gideon Simpson

"Is there anybody in there? Ruling out embedded eigenvalues of some linearized NLS operators. "

July 31, 2009, Roman Taranets

"Complex valued solutions for a thin film equation."

July 24, 2009, Benjamin Stephens

"Wasserstein metric approach to some thin film problem."

July 22, 2009,Almut Burchard

"On symmetrical rearrangement approach to a thin film problem."

April 1, 2009, Benjamin Stephens

"Linear stability near self-similarity in a fourth-order evolution."

March 4, 2009, Gideon Simpson

"Nonlinear geometrical optics applied to low contrast optical media."

January 28, 2009, Benjamin Stephens

" Slicing convex bodies and the geodesic Radon transform."

January 14, 2009, Chugunova Marina

"Traps and counterexamples in numerical approximations of eigenvalues of unbounded self-adjoint operators by eigenvalues of finite matrices."

December 3, 2008, Gideon Simpson

"On homogenization of complex fluids. (work in progress) "

November 12, 2008, Benjamin Stephens

" Evolution equations. Introduction to Wasserstein metric approach."

October 29, 2008,Chugunova Marina

" On existence of positive periodic steady states in some thin film evolution equation. (work in progress) "

October 15, 2008, Mary Pugh

" Some numerical approach to a non-linear evolution equation arising in rimming flow dynamic "

October 1, 2008, Gideon Simpson

" A novel spectral method for computing high quality representations of solitary wave solutions to nonlinear wave equations. (work in progress) "

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