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Preparing a talk

Presentation requirements (for data projectors) and advice

  • Pages in any format must have an aspect ratio of width:height=4:3 so that they fit the screen nicely.
  • PDF files of articles and of slides for overhead projectors violate this aspect ratio requirement and their usage is very strongly discouraged.
    • There are 2 kinds of article presentations:
      • To fit the height - and with article fonts already too small for screen presentation it makes them really tiny
      • To fit to the width and then scrolling up and down
  • Hey, if I want to read the article I better go to the library!
  • If you still want to use them, please announce this in advance so people could avoid this abomination.
  • The same aspect ratio 4:3 should be used with the document camera + data projector.
  • Text (including formulae) should be either solid and dark on the light (almost white) background or light on the on dark background to provide contrast.
  • Fonts including mathfonts should be solid and robust (standard mathitalics is very fragile)
  • Presentations made by LaTeX class beamer and powerdot satisfy all these conditions. Beamer is the most popular and powerful, but powerdot is also nice. I strongly encourage use of beamer.


  • Overhead projectors are supposed to have aspect ratio 1:1 while articles usually have aspect ratio 8.5:11.
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