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Spam Filtering GUI

There is now a (minimalistic) graphical interface for configuring your spam filter settings on coxeter called spamfiltering_gui. Please see the IT Status Blog article at Controlling spam in your email for more information.

Other Mail Configuration

The new puremessage spam filtering system seems to be working well, even with the "low" aggressiveness setting that was given to everyone. You can manipulate various email related functions with the coxeter commands:

  • spamfiltering (for setting the spam filtering aggressiveness level and controlling autodeletion and autoexpiration of spam messages)
  • maillistedit (for adding email addresses to your whitelist and blacklist)
  • forwardedit (for changing email forwarding)
  • vacationmessage (for sending vacation messages when you are away)

Type any of the above commands followed by show to see your current status, or followed by help for more information. For complete information about your spamfiltering setup you can use spamfiltering showall. Note that email forwarding and sending the vacation message happens after spam filtering so less spam should be sent from our system to remote addresses now (this has caused problems in the past).

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