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  • Creating your home page (at Wiki)
  • Editing rights
  • For mathematical formulae use MathJax: JsMath/MathJax_(TeX_for_Web)
  • Do not use MathJax for anything but editing mathematical formulae; in particular do not use MathJax to format text (f.e. to make bold or italic) and use instead wiki/html editing capabilities: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Help:Editing.
  • One can use non-ASCII characters (compare sources)
    • Directly: Schrödinger (googling Schrodinger one can find Schrödinger)
    • Through "html symbol codes" (use this or just google): Schrödinger
  • Seminar organizers should
    • Edit pages 2011-2012_Seminarname and (2012-2013_Seminarname next academic year etc) where token "Seminarname" should be replaced by the (short) Seminar Name
    • Keep page Seminarname as a redirect to the current Seminarname page;
    • All references to the current Seminar page should be to [[Seminarname]] (internal) or http://wiki.math.toronto.edu/TorontoMathWiki/index.php/Seminarname (external)
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