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It looks like video seminar or at least remote talk is easier than I thought

Assume that I want to give a talk over internet. I need Adobe Acrobat 9+ on one end, Adobe A or Reader 9+ on another and account. Talk should be in pdf format and sound via Skype f.e.

I made a limited experiment with two computers in my home but it was routed via and if someone is interested we can make series of experiments.



  • Open in AA talk
  • In AA select menu File > Collaborate > Send & Collaborate Live (exactly the last item is missing in Adobe Reader, "Share My Screen" has drawbacks). Then popup appears and few steps are obvious. In the end of this step selected file is dropped to your mail program and you send it


At the end of the first stage the Collaboration pane appears but there is only Host party here (another party is not here yet).


Meanwhile the other party receives email and opens attached pdf file (which is the original pdf + collaboration overhead) getting sign-in screen (see image on the bottom of the page). Signing with some account or as a guest brings the screen above at both parties. Until now almost all actions were performed by the Host, i.e. party who has AA and account. If it is not a Speaker, the speaker must send in advance pdf file to the Host. From now on Speaker is in control, no matter if Speaker is the Host or not.

So, both parties now have the same Screen as above and see all parties. Now Speaker presses "Start Page Sharing". Immediately this button changes in the Viewer party to "Join Page Sharing" (see below)


The Viewer presses "Join Page Sharing". Both parties now better go to full screen mode and cancel all future alerts by checking "Don't show again" if it appears. Speaker now controls both screens


Sound and Faces

Sound through Skype

Speaker face: another screen if Viewer has two screens (yes, we have 2 screens in BA6183) and Speaker has a camera.

Audience "face" is shown the same way


Free account allows Host + 2 others. Paid account allows 25?

Can Smart Rooms like in Paris Nord or Berkeley benefit from it? Sure: no more reliance on techie to manually change pages in pdf on the Viewer side.

Note, that it is not a video which goes through but just some small data, while pdf is on the Viewer computer as well. So quality is as good as usually

Finally, collaboration can do much more than to synchronize navigation through pages - but this is another story

Victor 10:42, 3 April 2010 (UTC)

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